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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery is often overlooked until your business is effected by the failure of one or more critical systems or services. Our business continuity services offer a range of backup and recovery options, with cyber crime on the increase every business needs to be prepared. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Businesses rely on technology to collect, retain and transmit important data on a daily basis. Without the right data protection plan in place, they are vulnerable to data loss, network failures, costly downtime, or worse – a complete shutdown of the company.

With more users than ever choosing to work remotely, organisations are more reliant than ever on cloud platforms and collaboration tools and the data created in them is increasingly valuable to business operations.

Despite common misconceptions data within these platforms is not automatically backed up with vendors instead prioritising platform availability and leaving the responsibility of data protection with its users.

With a disaster recovery plan, your whole business infrastructure will be quickly replicated and resumed, minimising costly downtime.

 Rapid advances in technology have seen the advent of a 24/7 on-demand culture. This means even the smallest of organisations can’t wait for their data in the event of a disaster. Disaster recovery is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  

Backup and Disaster Recovery work together to achieve one goal: business continuity in the face of an outage. They protect your data with different intents, so it is essential to have both to ensure your business is suitably protected.

Solutions such as Redstor eliminate downtime entirely. The system gives organisations instant access to their data, no matter what happens. Users can stream their data to an on-demand location of their choice, meaning it can be accessed and used immediately. This approach to backups and disaster recovery gives flexibility in deployment and recovery with no additional hardware required. It’s, therefore, a cost-effective solution for organisations of all sizes.

“Downtime is Expensive”

Just 13 minutes of downtime for Amazon reportedly cost the online retail business more than $2.5 million. While this value might not be quite so high for other businesses, additional costs associated with reputational damage or negative brand image should also be considered.

“Identify What’s Most Important”

Iannarelli recommends. “Not everything in your business is worth saving or needs to be protected. Your proprietary information, of course, is. But any info that is for public release is not as important. Think of it as if your house were on fire. What would you grab as you run out the door

“Not Updating your Disaster Recovery Plan”

A big mistake organizations make is not updating their disaster recovery plans after changes are made to their internal systems, such as major software updates, notes Mark Jaggers, a Gartner research director focused on IT infrastructure strategies. Your plan isn’t complete unless it takes into account all the technologies, systems and applications currently in use.


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“Keeping Up to Date with Technology Changes”

There may be new technologies or offerings to come along since you made your DR plans. DR plans are based on assumptions about the processes and tools available at the time the plans are finalized. “But those assumptions can change significantly, as technology evolution is quicker than ever before and innovations spring from unlikely places,” notes Milind Kulkarni, VP of product management for network resilience company Veriflow.


Cyber Essentials

Online Self Assessment
£ 300
  • Secure online assessment portal
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  • £25K cyber Liability Insurance *

Cyber Essentials Plus

Online Audit
£ 1100
  • Online Audit
  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment *
  • Testing of Malware protection *

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