We evaluate and address weaknesses in organisational cyber security through the authorised simulation of real-world attacks.


What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing (also known as pen testing or Ethical Hacking), is an authorised, simulated cyber-attack, performed on a computer network, application, or system to evaluate how secure it is. The process exposes flaws within security infrastructures.

It is a crucial technique, employed to expose weaknesses in an organisation’s cyber security that can leave it susceptible to a cyber attack. Findings are then used to acquire additional security. 

Pen testers use the same tools, techniques, and processes as malicious bad actors, to find weaknesses in a system. They then work with the organisation to secure them.

Penetration tests allow businesses to reduce their security risk, and provide assurance of their IT security by exposing weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious bad actors. 


Types of Penetration Test

Network Infrastructure Pen Tests

A Network Infrastructure Penetration Test assesses your internal and public-facing infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

We thoroughly investigate your network from both the inside and the outside to identify, and try and exploit vulnerabilities. We then provide a report that makes recommendations on how best to address the risks that have been identified.

Web Application Pen Tests

Websites and web applications are an essential part of business, holding vast amounts of sensitive information. As a result, they are an attractive target for criminals. This is why web application pen testing is a crucial aspect of any security plan.

Our Pen Testing services include web application testing. Multiple test types are employed, including API and authenticated testing.

Cloud Pen Tests

Cloud penetration testing helps organisations improve their cloud security by examining attack, breach, operability and recovery issues within a cloud environment.

Cloud pen testing is complex. Our assessments help organisations overcome cloud-specific challenges by uncovering and addressing vulnerabilities, improving overall security and helping to achieve compliance.

Social Engineering

Humans are the greatest weakness in an organisation's IT security, while social engineering is the single biggest IT security threat that faces your business. Our social engineering pen test service is designed to test your employees' security vigilance.

A social engineering pen test from SupPortal UK will help you evaluate how susceptible you are to social engineering attacks, whilst informing a targeted security awareness training programme.

Wireless Network Pen Testing

Wireless networks, and other wireless access points, are an easy way for a cyberattacker to breach your system. With the rise of remote working, attackers are gaining direct access to internal networks without having to breach firewalls.

Wireless network pen testing helps businesses understand how a criminal could move through your wireless infrastructure, escalating their privileges and compromising your corporate network.

Mobile Application Pen Testing

Today, we're all reliant on mobile and more organisations are using the flexibility and functionality of mobile to provide convenience. Indeed, mobile applications are often the primary way for customers to interact with a business. But there are a lot of risks associated with this.

Mobile application pen testing is a comprehensive strategy that ensures you are safeguarding your stakeholders and your reputation.


How Penetration Testing will Benefit your Organisation

As threats to IT security constantly evolve, it is recommended that every business commissions a pen test at least once per year. 

Benefits include: 

A proactive approach to cyber security

Pen testing uncovers and explores weaknesses that already exist in your system and application configurations, network and infrastructure. They give you the ability to identify and fix any vulnerabilities before they are exploited by bad actors. A report informs you of the risks discovered, and you can use these results to evaluate and improve your overall approach to cyber security.

Identify real vulnerabilities

A pen test will find very real vulnerabilities that businesses are likely unaware of. A certified pen tester will then try to exploit these vulnerabilities – so you can see what an attacker would do in the ‘real’ world. They might be able to access sensitive data, or install dangerous malware. Whatever they discover, they can help provide an accurate picture of a company’s IT infrastructure at any point. 

Test your response capabilities
It’s one thing to detect an attack, but it’s another to respond in an appropriate, timely manner to mitigate the damage caused by such intrusions. Businesses should have the capability to detect attacks and have a solid strategy in place for properly handling the situation. When a Pen Tester tests the effectiveness of your security strategy, the feedback you will gain will tell you just what actions can be taken to improve your defence.
Ensure business continuity

Business downtime can cost tens of thousands of pounds every hour, but the true cost extends further than cold hard cash. It’s important to consider intangible costs such as reputational damage, or the stress placed on workers. Any disruption to your IT network will have a negative impact on your business. Penetration tests help reveal unknown threats, and provide actionable insights to ensure you business operations don’t suffer from this unexpected downtime. 

Achieve specified certifications or regulations
Certain industries require a certain level of penetration testing, such as the ISO 27001 standard, or PCI regulations. This is because pen testing focuses on real-life consequences of an IT security breach. Unlike automated testing, penetration tests provide results specific to your business and gives clear advice on how to fix the vulnerabilities.


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