SupPortal UK’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions For 2023

With the new year looming, we thought it would be useful to examine emerging tactics, so you can be prepared for the cybersecurity trends of 2023. In the last 12 months, almost 80% of organisations have experienced a successful cyber-attack (source). As cyber criminals become more adept at bypassing security and inventing new malicious attacks, […]

How to spot a phishing scam

Cybercriminals launch thousands of cyber-attacks every day. With 83% of organisations falling victim to a phishing attack in 2021 (source), cyber security needs to be a top priority for businesses of any size.  It only takes one small mistake for major business impact to occur.  Commonly arriving on a device in the form of an […]

Prepare your business for cybercrime with Cyber Essentials

The escalation of cybercrime statistics is a worrying trend. Attacks affect everyone from essential services such as the NHS, to multinational businesses, SMEs, and private individuals. Each year, cybercrime causes significant financial losses and reputational damage. As business is increasingly conducted online, Cyber Essentials helps you to guard against the most common cyber threats and […]

Is that mobile app you’re using presenting a cyber security threat?

How to keep your business secure when employees use their own mobile devices and install unmonitored apps on them for work. Today, smartphones are everywhere. They are used for work every, single, day. Using a smartphone or personal laptop can boost productivity, but this unmonitored mobile technology also presents a threat to your business security. […]

What is APP fraud and how can you tackle it as a small business?

Money transfer

Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud is spiralling in the UK. Every year, thousands of individuals and businesses suffer significant financial losses because they have no idea of how to protect themselves against it. £583.2m was lost to APP fraud in 2021 according to the latest figures1. As criminals become more sophisticated, and we spend longer […]

What does Morse Code have to do with your business security?

A phishing campaign has found a loophole, hiding malicious URLs in email attachments, by turning them into Morse code. In this post, we investigate how this supposedly outdated form of communication is making a comeback. We also provide helpful guidance on how you can protect your business against these sophisticated attacks. Cybersecurity is advancing at […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery. The definition, difference, and why you need both.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) are two different concepts. You can have a data backup, without a disaster recovery plan, but not the other way around. One cannot exist without the other. Here, we help you understand the definition and difference between these two approaches. This will help you to develop effective strategies to avoid […]

How to help your business navigate increased global cyber risks.

What businesses can do to mitigate the increased risks and navigate the heightened security threats during the crisis, and beyond. As the world watches in horror at the unjustified military invasion of Ukraine, fears of an unprecedented cyber-war are mounting. Alongside the horrifying images of destruction, there has been an onslaught of less-visible cyber-attacks on […]

So, Your IT Security Has Been Breached – What Now?

An IT security breach is something no business owner wants to happen. However, with the growing number of cases of cybercrime, and the increasingly sophisticated methods being used by cyber criminals, it is unfortunately a risk for many. So, if you find your IT security has been breached, what should you do? What is a […]